Organix uses Sclerology as an adjunct tool with Iridollogy and Kinesiology to find out the current stresses of our patients and give a comprehensive analysis of their current health status. Dra. Micaller has received her Certified Instructor Certificate from the International Sclerology Institute and is now conducting seminars for the graduates of Iridollogy to add this young science to their list of non invasive assessment tools.

Sclerology is

• The study (ology) of the hard, firm fibrous outer coat of the eye known as the white of the eye or sclera.
• Method of interpreting the red lines, colorations, and markings in the sclera as they relate to the whole person's health.
• The red lines, markings which differ in size, shape, configuration, shading and other aspects all describe health qualities and they give us a sense of what is happening in the body.
• Shows where the highest stress and congestion are coming from in the body and how much of this stress is emotional and how much is physical.
• Sclerology shows pathology.
• Method of health evaluation that accurately informs us of the current stress cause and is easy to learn.

In summary...More than just a study of the white of the eye, Sclerology is a method of interpreting the red lines, the colorations and markings in the sclera as they relate to the whole person's health and giving the current status of various body systems.

Sclerology and its correlation to Iridollogy classes are given by PINS the education arm of Organix.