Live Cell Therapy

Organix recommends Live Cell Therapy which is one of the oldest and yet considered one of the newest therapies widely used now. Its ability to do the seemingly impossible has been documented throughout Europe, Canada, and the United States. The various live cell preparations have no negative interactions with each other, unlike many pharmaceutical and potent herbs, and side effects are rare. With alternative medicine taking a more acceptable position now, the use of live tissue cell extracts is consequently experiencing a rapid resurgence in growth. It is expected to be the "go to" therapy as it continues to heal the incurable and regenerate tissue when regeneration was thought to be impossible.

Live cell therapy, seems miraculous oftentimes, is not a miracle. It is simply working with naturopathic laws in a scientific way. Comparatively expensive when evaluated with other therapies, but when the proper live cell extract is used with the proper protocol, the results are often beyond compare for both physician and patient.

It is better and more inexpensive to do one therapy that works than to go from doctor to doctor, therapy to therapy, without benefit. Because of its uniqueness and versatility, live cell therapy will heal more and more lives and become better known and better accepted. The future is bright for the companies that make them, for the doctors who prescribe them, but especially for the patients who receive this live tissue extracts.