Organix has grown over the years to include various services for their many patients and clients. Now, both Iridollogy and Sclerology analysis are made for every patient/client to reveal their inherent weaknesses and current stresses, and from which appropriate natural therapies are recommended and applied. Only non invasive methods are used and the body is made to help lead the person to optimal health. The emotional and mental and spiritual aspects of the person are also taken into consideration and oftentimes the key to complete well being is done when these three areas are given the same attention as the physical needs and complaints.

Other services that are readily applied in the Organix Natural Lifestyle and Longevity Center are the 30 day Gentle Detox and the 10 day Total Detox that follows the gentle phase. Toxic metal detoxification is regularly done too. Energy Medicine is applied as needed. Various packages are made available to achieve complete body detoxification using special formulas to clean the colon and the other eliminative organs, the lymph, kidney, lungs and skin.

Naturopaths believe that parasites play an important role in the disease process and Organix uses various Parasite Zappers in their non invasive treatments of their patients/clients with the fast acting Silver Colloidal. Kinesiology, Far Infrared Ray Therapy and Live Cell Therapy are some of the other modalities used in the center. More information on our various services can be read at our Gallery of Services section.