Heart Strengtheners and Rejuvenators

Everything your Heart Desires!!!

Benefits of all Organix Heart Strengtheners and Rejuvenators:

  • Encourages a healthy cardiovascular system leading to a strong happy and productive life
  • Support improved cholesterol levels
  • Support healthy blood pressure levels
  • Promote blood vessel health and integrity
  • Increases energy levels

Hearth Essentials 

fruitHeartThis combination of high quality herbs, enzymes, minerals, and vegetables, provides nutritional support for the heart. The heart is one of the strongest muscles in the body. Heart disease can be caused by blocked arteries. Many other conditions can happen, such as high blood pressure, angina, clots, arteriosclerosis, murmur, and edema. Liver disease can cause heart problems; poor diet, smoking, alcohol consumption, pollutants, stress, obesity and high blood pressure are contributing factors, to mention a few.

European Studies In controlled laboratory and clinical experiments; we find scientific evidence in the use of the following herbs:

Hawthorne Berry - Helps give strength to the heart by dilating the blood vessels away from the heart (Peripheral Vasodilatation); this in turn helps lower the blood pressure and thus reduces the burden placed on the heart. Hawthorne also has been shown to help increase oxygen utilization by the heart during exercise.
Motherwort - General support to the heart, is effective as a relaxer (sedative) and antispasmodic. It helps to calm palpitations and improve circulation. Motherwort and Hawthorn work well for improvement of coronary artery health.
Rosemary - As a tonic, Rosemary helps calm and give smooth activity while helping to calm irritated nerves and an upset stomach. This herb is high in Minerals, Calcium, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Potassium, and Sodium.
Bugleweed - The almost forgotten herb that is so important for nutritional support to the heart; it helps slow down the rapid heart beat, especially when combined with magnesium.
Alfalfa - Know as .The Father of All Plants,. it is included in this formula for its known nutritive properties as a whole body tonic. Its. vitamin and mineral content should also be good support for the heart function.
Magnesium - Known as the muscle relaxer, Magnesium can aid Bugleweed in helping an irregular heart beat, and it is valuable to the heart as a good mineral.
Capsicum (no burn) - This Capsicum is a proprietary blend of Organix that will not be hot to the stomach or digestive system. Capsicum, also known as Cayenne, is another king in the field of herbs. The late and great Dr. Christopher claimed he saved his life by taking spoonfuls each day; it helped clear his blocked arteries. Millions of people use it as a spice and help for circulation and high blood pressure. The small amount in this blend is used as a catalyst to help the other herbs flow. It may be a good idea to take extra Capsicum each day in addition to HRT Combination for added support for the heart.
Lipase Vegetable Enzyme and Earth Zyme Base - Lipase is known to increase digestion and burn fatty deposits, thus is a nice support for this blend. The Earth Zyme base is trace amounts of naturally occurring minerals from ancient sea deposits and blue algae combined with natural cultures.

Ingredients: Proprietary Blend, Hawthorne Berry, Motherwort, Rosemary, Bugleweed, Alfalfa, Magnesium, Capsicum, Lipase Vegetable Enzyme, Earth Zyme Base.

Recommended dosage: As a tonic, dosage can be between three (3) to six (6) capsules each day or as desired. Bottled in 30.s of 430mg capsules. Research indicates that many of the ingredients in our special Heart Essentials target the key elements important for maintaining a healthy cardiovascular system.

Ultra Chel

Ultra-Chel, with its thirty-eight (38) specially selected, high quality vitamins, minerals, herbs, aminos, glandulars, co-factors, lipotropics and its super UltraplexTM base providing beneficial cultures, and exclusive enzyme proteins derived from plant and sea sources, helps to support the circulatory system.

Fight the age-old problem that can cause serious build-up of plaque and cholesterol in the arteries!

Historical Uses of the Ingredients in Ultra-Chel:

  • Vitamin C: Helps reduce cholesterol and clean arteries. Repairs collagen.
  • Magnesium (whey): Regulates and strengthens heartbeat.
  • B-Sitosterol: Blocks fat absorption in the body and arteries.
  • Magnesium: Good health for the cardiovascular system.
  • Potassium Asparate: Regulates water, helps reduce blood pressure, regulates and strengthens heart.
  • Cysteine: Antioxidant, reduces free radicals, nourishes heart muscle.
  • L-Methionine: Prevents excessive fat build-up in liver and arteries.
  • Niacin: Improves circulation, reduces cholesterol and hardening of the arteries.
  • Niacinamide: See Niacin (above). More Niacin without the flush.
  • Butcher.s Broom: Famous in Europe to cleanse veins and arteries. Improves circulation.
  • Mucopolysaccaride: Reduces inflammation, repairs scar tissue, arteries and veins.
  • Calcium Chloride: Pulls deposits from arteries and regulates heart.
  • Potassium Phosphate: See Potassium Asparate (above). Different type.
  • Potassium (whey): See Potassium Asparate (above). To complete the full Potassium spectrum.
  • Bioflavonoids: Removes plaque and strengthens veins and arteries.
  • Vitamin B6: Controls cholesterol level in blood and reduces cramps and numbness.
  • Betaine HC1: Added for increased digestion of all ingredients.
  • Thymus: Increases immunity (seat of immune system function).
  • Adrenal: Strengthens adrenal glands to handle stress, strengthens heart.
  • Ammonium Chloride: Chelates (pulls) deposits out of arteries.
  • Potassium Chloride: See Ammonium Chloride and Potassium Asparate (above).
  • Taurine: Reduces blood pressure and strengthens heart muscle.
  • Bromelain: Removes scar tissue in arteries and heart. Healing reduces inflammation and breaks down dead tissue.
  • Choline: Cleans out arteries and breaks up cholesterol.
  • Lipoprotein Lipase: See Choline (above). Added protection.
  • Manganese Ascorbate: Strengthens nerves and repairs scar tissue.
  • Selenium Ascorbate: Prevents heart disease. Maintains elasticity in arteries.
  • Zinc Ascorbate: Aids in healing tissue. Prevents arteriosclerosis by controlling cholesterol.
  • Vitamin A (fish oil): Promotes healing of tissues.
  • Beta Carotene: See Vitamin A (above). From carrots.
  • Vitamin D: Promotes regular heartbeat and calcium utilization.
  • Vitamin E: Improves circulation, prevents arteriosclerosis, lessens scar tissue, prevents congenital heart disease, and improves endurance.
  • Kelp (iodine): Helps system burn excess fat, boosts energy level.
  • Copper Gluconate: Prevents fluid build-up, maintains energy level.
  • GTF Chromium: Deters arteriosclerosis, helps prevent and correct high blood pressure, and reduces cholesterol.
  • UltraplexTM Base: This is an exclusive product of ORGANIX that actually produces millions of naturally occurring enzymes, helps immune system and helps increase absorption of all other ingredients.

Recommended Dosage: As a dietary supplement take two capsules twice a day with meals or as desired. Bottled in 30.s.

Cholesterol Guard Plus

The water extract of the Chinese herb Jiao GU Lan has shown positive effects in lowering cholesterol and triglyceride levels. Referred to also as an anti-aging, longevity tonic herb.

Advanced Cholesterol Plus can have a strong anti-fatigue effect. It assists in strengthening the immune system and is used for a variety of health complaints. Japanese researchers stumbled across it looking for a sugar alternative. They discovered that the plant contained ingredients very similar to those found in Ginseng. Further research showed that Jiao Gu Lan has a wide range of actions in the body, with a general overall effect of helping to balance and regulate body systems, such as the cardiovascular and hormonal systems. Studies have since been conducted which indicate that Jiao GU Lan has antioxidant properties and helps support circulation and immune systems. It is particularly recommended for those who want to try and improve their energy levels, which would like to support and maintain their blood pressure, maintain a healthy cholesterol balance and a healthy immune system. It assists in circulation and can contribute to a bright and clear mind. It may also be useful in enhancing athletic performance.

Jiao GU LAN is believed to have a superior action to Ginseng, being more supportive without causing over stimulation. In China it is often referred to as .Women.s Ginseng. since it is considered to be much kinder to women.s body system than ginseng.

Ingredients: Jiao Gu Lan (5:1 Concentrate), Shan Zha (5:1 Concentrate), Gulggul, in a base of Quercetin and Resveratrol.

Recommended Dosage: As a dietary supplement, take two capsules two times a day or as desired.


Hi potency Odor Controlled Garlic Concentrate


  • Boosts cell glutathione which fights free radicals and therefore supports immunity
  • Fights blood clotting and plaque, preventing atherosclerosis which could lead to a heart attack and stroke.
  • Garlic thins mucus easing the symptoms of coughs and bronchitis.
  • Lowers blood pressure slightly
  • Lowers cholesterol, triglycerides and LDL
  • Helps provide activity against certain cancers
  • Helps prevent the colds and flu virus
  • May help prevent frontal lobe degeneration, improve memory, and extend lifespan
  • May help lower blood sugars
  • Increase the action of the immune cells known as macrophages which kill infectious invaders
  • May fight roundworm and other parasites
  • May help fight against the tuberculosis bacteria

Avoid Garlic if...

  • You will soon undergo surgery or deliver a baby
  • Have hemophilia
  • Have kidney disease
  • Are pregnant or breastfeeding
  • Are a child, unless your doctor prescribes it
  • Take medications, such as indomethacin, dipyrrridamole or asperin
  • Take diabetes medications known as sulfonylureas
  • Take protease inhibitors that treat HIV such as indinavvir, ritinavir or saquinavir
  • Take statins to lower cholesterol unless you check with your doctor first
  • Take blood pressure lowering medications called ACE inhibitors, without getting your doctors approval.

Known as one of nature.s antibiotics, Garlic is a wonderful herb for building health. It has the ability to stimulate cell growth and has a super rejuvenative effect on the entire body. Garlic helps to open up the blood vessels and helps reduce blood pressure especially when Capsicum herb is added. Garlic helps dissolve cholesterol in the blood stream. As already stated it contains natural antibiotics and is effective against bacteria while protecting the body.s normal flora. It contains many vitamins, minerals and trace elements. There has been much written on this important herb.

Some of the positive results reported are as follows: asthma, bronchitis, cancer, candida, circulation, colds, digestion, fungus, heart, high blood pressure, infections, intestinal worms, liver, lungs, prostate and yeast infections.

Cooking with Garlic helps, but the active parts can be destroyed. There are 50 compounds in Garlic and 10 of them are active in reducing cancer, so it is best taken raw. This leads to a problem of social acceptance (the smell). Most orderless Garlic.s have the active compounds reduced or removed. This could cause the product to be less effective.

Organix's special formulas odor controlled Garlic retain all 50 compounds in their raw state, and it has been formulated with generous amounts of Aloe and Chlorophyll for digestion and utilization in the lower stomach, thereby reducing most, if not all of the so called Garlic breath.

Recommended Dosage: As a dietary supplement, take two capsules each day, one in the morning and another in the evening with your meals. Bottled in 30.s of 600mg

Ultra CoQ-10

Coenzyme Q-10: Protection for Heart and Immune System

Suppose there was a nutrient that could boost your energy level, protect and strengthen your heart and body, and help normalize your blood pressure. Suppose this same nutrient could even play an important role in improving the effectiveness of your immune system and because it.s completely natural to your body, was non toxic and produced no dangerous side effects. Wouldn.t you say, .I need that in my life?.

Now that nutrient may just be CO Q10. This gives the strength and endurance you once had as a child. There may be now a disruption in your cells energy producing process. CO Q10 plays a crucial role in .bioenergetics. The process by which your body.s 60 trillion cells make energy.

Coenzyme Q-10, a relatively obscure member of the coenzyme family, is a valuable nutrient that every cell in your body must have in order to produce energy. Discovered by Dr. Folkers, M.D., who is also a scientist, more than 30 years ago, CoQ-10 has recently been basking in the spotlight of the international medical research community. During the past decade, and overpowering number of studies have shown that CoQ-10 plays a very vital role in the prevention and care of major health problems.

It has also become apparent that illness and the effects of aging cause many people to develop deficiencies of CoQ-10. This results in an imbalance of the body.s system. Studies have recently shown that CoQ-10, when taken as a nutritional supplement can increase energy, protect and strengthen the heart and body, help normalize blood pressure, and promote healing.

What is Coenzyme Q-10?

CoQ-10 is an essential component of the cellular compartment (mitochondria), where it plays a major role in energy production. Although CoQ-10 can be synthesized in the body, deficiencies can be a result from impaired CoQ-10 synthesis due to nutritional deficiencies, a genetic, or impaired, or acquired defect in CoQ-10 synthesis, or increased tissue needs.

Cardiovascular diseases such as angina, hypertension, mitral valve prolapse and congestive heart failure are examples of diseases which require increased tissue levels of coenzyme Q-10. In addition, the elderly in general may have increased CoQ-10 requirements. The decline of CoQ-10 levels in body tissues as we get older is thought to be partly responsible for age-related deterioration of the immune system.

CoQ-10 deficiency is common in individuals with heart disease. Heart tissue biopsies in patients with various heart diseases showed a CoQ-10 deficiency in 50-75 percent of cases. As one of the most metabolically active tissues in the body, the heart may be metabolically susceptible to the effects of coenzyme Q-10 deficiency. Accordingly, CoQ-10 has shown great promise in supporting individuals with heart disease and high blood pressure. CoQ-10 has also been shown to lower total cholesterol and triglycerides, while raising HDL (good) cholesterol. CoQ-10 is often recommended to individuals with diabetes and periodontal disease. Research also indicates CoQ-10 may be of value in diseases associated with immunodeficiency, to help healing of gastric ulcers, to improve physical performance and endurance and to support weight loss in some obese patients.

In addition to serving as a cofactor in energy production, coenzyme Q-10 functions as a powerful antioxidant. Oxiclative damage contributes to the aging process. This suggests that coenzyme Q-10 supplementation should be induced in any comprehensive antioxidant program. CoQ-10 supplements are typically recommended at a minimum daily dosage of 60 mg.

Ultra Flax Seed Oil


  • Support cardiovascular health
  • Healthly glucose levels
  • Joint health
  • Skin and hair health
  • Brain function and mental health
  • Immune system function

What makes this oil essential?

Simple. EFA.s are polysaturated fats which maintain fluidity and flexibility in cell membranes. Our daily diet does not supply the proper amount of EFA.s and since our body can not manufacture EFA we need to supplement. This will ensure that he critical body functions such as cardiovascular, brain and nervous system functions, fat metabolism, skin health and joint flexibility are maintained.

Derived from all organic natural plants, provides the essential fatty acids from: Omega-3 . Omega-6 . Omega-9

FLAX SEED OIL is one of the richest sources of Omega-3 Fatty Acids. Our flax seed oil contains approximately twice as much Omega-3 as fish oils. The natural oils from these capsules are known to be effective for Circulatory and Cardiovascular health.

Flax Seed Oil is of much help in reducing Cholesterol and Triglycerides, and helps with Skin Problems such as Psoriasis. It helps build strong Bones, Teeth, Hair, Skin and Nails. The capsules have been coated with carob (vegetable source) to protect freshness and keep out light. Beta Carotene naturally occurs at 2000 I.U. per 3 capsules.

Recommended Dosage: As a dietary supplement take one soft gel with each meal three times a day or as desired. Bottled at 30.s of 1000mg per soft gel.


Cardiovascular Support with clot breaker Natto

May be helpful in the prevention and resolution of excessive clotting and disorders resulting from excessive clotting. Similar to products used extensively in Japan, NATTOZIMES. may help to reduce high blood pressure. This is a Proteolytic Enzyme Blend.

Natto is fermented soybeans that is a traditional Japanese staple for more than 1,000 years. Its. medical benefits are widely recognized in Japan, resulting in its increased popularity. Some of the effects are attributed to its soybean origin. Bacillus natto produces various enzymes, vitamins, amino acids and other nutrients unique to natto during its fermentation. It is these unique elements that give natto its distinctive health and medical benefits. Nattokinase and pyrazine may prevent or resolve blood clots. Lower Cost Alternative to Nattokinase.

Proteases have been extensively studied since the 1960.s for their fibrinolytic and antithrombic effects. Many have shown great potential to improve blood fluidity and reduce platelet aggregation. Nattozimes. is specifically formulated to support the body in breaking up and dissolving unhealthy coagulation of blood and to support fibrinolytic activity. Nattozimes is a proprietary fungal proteolytic enzyme blend that matches the unique fibrinolytic activity of the natto fermentation process. Studies show the same thrombolytic and fibrinolytic activities as Nattokinase, which makes Nattozimes a 1 to 1 alternative for Nattokinase for cardiovascular and anti-inflammatory support.

Recommended Dosage: As a dietary supplement take one capsule two times each day before meals on an empty stomach. Bottled in 30.s 65mg per capsule.

Research conducted by Dr. Hiroyuki Sumi, MD, PhD showed natto to posses the highest fibrinolytic activity among 200 foods from all over the world. This powerful fibrinolytic activity promotes improved blood flow and helps reduce clots that can cause heart attacks and strokes.