Organix Nutraceutical Int'l. Inc. has been known to be the pioneer in bringing exceptional food supplements and herbal formulas to the Filipino populace since 1982. It is again ready to fill the need for effective and inexpensive formulas making available the latest in technological advances in the natural health field. Now the new line of Doctor Recommended formulas is here exclusively for health practitioners and health enthusiast ensuring unbelievable value for our partners in wellness.

All the ingredients in our "DR" Formulas are:

  • Lab Certified for Purity. No compromises on inferior qualities just to make the formula.
  • Safety, pharmaceutical grade all natural products that are 100% safe and will do no harm
  • Innovative Breakthrough formulations researched to include the best for each particular need, based on science that produces results.
  • Reliable and effective having been tested clinically
  • 100% natural and organic in every bottle
  • More Mg per capsule, revolutionizing the science of nutrient delivery ensuring affectivity
  • All capsules are Kosher certified.
  • Cutting Edge products at affordable prices making it available to all

When the proper herbs are mixed together in the proper percentages the total synergistic effect can become a powerful combination, this is the Foundation of Physical and Mental Wellbeing, the basis of all Organix Doctor Recommended formulas for optimal health in body and mind!