We have been labeled as the pioneers and missionaries of natural health and healing in the Philippines. Organix is staffed by dedicated individuals who believe that nature has all that is needed to achieve perfect health. Medical doctors, Naturopaths, Natural Health Practitioners, Nutritionists, Nurses, Iridologists, Sclerologists and even lay people who are interested to share their knowledge and beliefs on a natural lifestyle have made this company their home.


February 1982 witnessed the birth of Organix and from that date onward, the company has been focused on its mission to bring to the Philippines and all its 7002 islands the truth about alternative and natural health and healing and how to achieve perfect health.

Various natural alternative modalities were introduced in the country by Organix and its affiliate doctors, like Colonic hydrotherapy, Iridology, Natural Nutrition Counseling, Aromatherapy, Core Energy, Sclerology, Kinesiology, Chelation, and Complete Gentle and Total Detoxification through the removal of mucoid plague, Quantum Healing thru the Q2 Energy Spa, Parasite Zapping, Metabolic Typing to find your perfect diet, Far Infrared Ray Therapy, Live cell Therapy among others.

Organix has been the venue of many seminars and lectures on alternative therapies. Organix was the first to venture in setting up a real gourmet restaurant serving only healthy meals cooked with all the goodness of natural and organically grown ingredients as early as 1990.

Organix still has its complete line of natural food supplements, making this available around the country through its many direct distributors. It now has renewed vitality to continue its mission and vision upon realizing that the seeds they planted over thirty years ago are now bearing fruit.

Organix now has expanded by establishing the Philippines Institute of Naturopathic Sciences (PINS), the education arm of Organix, a formal institution to share the many different modalities that can be utilized to help heal the individual and the world.


Organix is happy to provide total healing to patients thru the natural 4R and Longevity therapies that have been proven time and again by the center staff and others all over the world.

4R may sound new but in reality, these 4 steps are the only way to get to perfect health. Complete description of what these steps is discussed in the PINS seminar called "Moving from Illness to Wellness" These steps are:


Every one wants to live long and but it is best to have a long life when you are strong and healthy and not sick and full of pains. With the 4R's in place, longevity is assured, thus Organix has decided to rename its clinic " Organix Natural Lifestyle and Longevity Center" separating us from the simple Detox or wellness spas, as we know how to guide and lead clients and patients to the road of perfect health.

Our goal is to help people achieve this state and live a happy pain free life till the last days of their life here on earth. We believe in the dictum that we were made to stay strong and healthy and not sick and in pain. It is really our choice and we offer the pathway to regain what we were meant to enjoy.

Our center follows natural therapies and we start with the non invasive way of analyzing a client/patient by reading his or her eyes using both Iridollogy for the genetic predispositions and Sclerology for his or her current stresses. From this complete analysis we devise a personalized plan to start the reparation, regeneration, rejuvenation and revitalization of the client/patient leading to a long and happy peaceful life.

Current modalities involve a 40-day Gentle and Total Detoxification together with Parasite Cleanse if necessary. The latest patented scientific energy spa, the Q2 is used every other day to increase the biological battery of the individual needed for healing. Parasite zapping is recommended when the sclera shows the infestation of micro- parasites together with a special herb formulation for it's compete eradication together with Colloidal Silver. Skin brushing, steam and far infrared sauna for clearing the largest elimination system of the body is made to be a part of the client/patient's home routine.

Depending on the readings from the individual eyes, both iris and sclera, a special diet based on an individual Metabolic type and wellness program is planned for each client and or patient. Cardiovascular repair and Cancer reversal will center on cellular health and continue the success rates we are currently experiencing. Toxic metal Detox using liquid zeolite is oftentimes a part of the complete regimen for regaining good health. Cellular nutritional therapies are endorsed.

Organix prides itself in understanding the body and does not overwhelm it with too many modalities at the same time. Various treatments are spaced and carefully planned in order to give the body to maximize its effects leading to the 4R's.

Organix has as one of its special therapies the release of emotions that often times are the cause of many diseases. The Emotional Healing Acupressure is used in order to complete the physical healing of clients/patients; the body-mind integration is an important step in complete healing.

Various Longevity regimen and rehabilitation therapies are the centerpiece of the natural modalities being implemented in the Organix Natural Health and Longevity Center.


Organix envisions the opening up of Organix Natural Lifestyle and Longevity Centers in all the major cities of the Philippines in order to showcase the various modalities and alternative and natural methods to achieve perfect health.

Each lifestyle center will make available the many alternative modalities that the company believes will lead the country to better health. Major emphasis will be in reversing diabetes, reversing high blood pressure, reversing nephritis and renal failure, reversing circulatory problems and even cancer and other degenerative diseases using the basic laws of naturopathic medicine combined with the brilliance of traditional medicine.

Organix does it one step at a time. Education is its main focus now as it is of the belief that when one knows the truth about your own health, major changes will be initiated to ensure that one stays healthy till the day they choose to move on from this earth. The realization that we are responsible for our health, and not a drug or a doctor, but our own selves alone is the best gift we can give to our many patients.